North Carolina Potato Festival

Today was a big day in Elizabeth City, North Carolina!

Portions of Main Street and Water Street were closed to thru traffic, booths, stages and rubberized air filled play areas were erected. Firetrucks, golf carts and other such festival vehicles were present.

I took my 13 month old granddaughter and we had a great time together. As we happened down Main Street, we got to see an impromptu show in front of the Arts of the Albemarle of characters from the play, ‘Alice in Wonderland’. They sand and danced if full costume and makeup – Fabulous.

I had my once a year funnel cake as we listened to music played on stage by a group from Wilmington, NC.

At Mariner’s Wharf park there was a martial arts demo and a potato sack race. Lots of good fun. Lots of folks. Lots of beautiful weather. Enjoy the photos!

Street art (Painted Moth Boat Sail Boats) like this one beautify many spots along downtown sidewalks.

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2 Responses to North Carolina Potato Festival

  1. It’s always a fun time! When we arrived I said to my husband…I wonder how long it will take before we bump into someone we know? 10 seconds later and we saw a familiar face! And another, another. I love it!

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