Colossians 2: 6 – 15 – Firmly Rooted, Built Up, Established, Instructed, Overflowing

I invite you to grab your Bible and read along as check out my notes from a recent message on this passage.

Verse 6 –

Received, Walk (You began with Jesus, so continue with Him)

Our walk with the Lord (relationship with Jesus is an ongoing thing. It started at a particular point and it goes on forever!)

Plus our walk is a minute by minute, day by day, step by step, mile by mile walk. Sometimes we try to jump ahead and rush things. We need to go at the Lord’s pace and the pace of those around us so we don’t miss key things that He is trying to do in and through us.

Verse 7 – 2:7, 2:7 Discipleship Growing and Building Series, Navigators,

Firmly rooted, Built Up, Established, Instructed, Overflowing (sounds like gardening or farming to me – think of whatever you are growing in your garden – fruit, veggie, flowers, etc), Gratitude (who are we thankful to and what are we thankful for? – to the Lord for the awesome salvation He has given us!

Verse 8 –

Captive, Philosophy (Don’t be taken in by smooth talk or things that sound too good to be true – they are J), Empty Deception, Tradition of Men, Elementary Principles (could be earth, air, wind and fire, could be the teaching of some in that day and this that demons controlled someone’s life, or could be basic rules & regulations that some teachers at the time tried to impose on their followers – do this, don’t do that, dress this way, don’t read this, do read that) of the world

Verse 9 –

Fullness of Deity, Bodily Form (Paul again is stating some very clear things about Jesus – He came in a human body. The Gnostics taught that Jesus was simply a spirit, and that the ‘fullness’ of God had been divided among several angelic beings. Sorry but this is false teaching!)

Verse 10 –

Made Complete, Head Over All Rule and Authority (We Are Complete in Christ – We have been forgiven, have received new life in Christ, have been freed from the power of demons. It is not ‘Jesus plus’ something else or plus some other doctrine also. It is simply Jesus! God said I became acceptable when I was born of the Holy Spirit at the time of my conversion. No special secret knowledge or check list will make me any more acceptable to God than that. What Jesus did for me, made me completely acceptable to God. Plus ALL means ALL. There is nothing outside His jurisdiction. He is not just head over the Christians. He is head over everyone. He is stronger than any army of man, more powerful than an atomic bomb. His angelic armies could put down any attack by any army of any country, whether now or in the past. He is Supreme! He is Lord!

Verse 11 –

Circumcision of Christ – Rather than just the removal of flesh, God removed the sin from my heart. You and I are under no obligation to attempt to follow the Law of the Old Testament.  Jesus paid the price and took the penalty that we deserved. We who believe on and trust in the Lord are now completely acceptable to God!

Verse 12 –

Buried, Baptism, Raised Up, Through Faith (not just faith in faith) in the Working of God – Baptism is the symbol of our association with Jesus’ death and resurrection.  You are now a dead man/woman walking.

Verse 13 –

When You Were Dead, He Made You Alive, Forgiven All – Water baptism is a sign of the New Covenant, just like circumcision was a sign of the old covenant. You are dead and Jesus is living His life in and through you!

Verse 14 –

Canceled the Certificate of Debt, Taken it Out of The Way, Nailed it To The Cross – Not only were our sins washed away at the cross, but also the rules that condemned us have been removed. Paid for, debt forgiven, signed and sealed, Done Deal! Completely new!

Verse 15 –

Disarmed Rulers and Authorities, Public Display, Triumphed (Paul used the spectacle of a military triumph to describe what happened at the cross and the empty tomb. In the triumph parade, prisoners of war were stripped of all defenses and paraded before the people of the city behind the conquering general. Satan and his demons thought that they had won when Jesus died on the cross. On the 3rd day however, Jesus showed that He triumphed over sin and death. Instead of Satan winning, Jesus had won!)

The disarming spoken of here was not of the Roman army or of the temple guard. It is much bigger than that. It is the devil and the very forces of darkness that tempted Adam and Eve to slip and fall away from a perfect relationship with the Lord. Going all the way back to Genesis 3, Jesus has now perfectly and decisively crushed the head of the snake (devil) that has been nipping at man and woman’s heels since the fall in the garden.

This verse is very much like the words of Ephesians 4: 8 which says, “When He ascended on high He led captive a host of captives and He gave gifts to men.” Our God triumphed over the devil. He proved that death and sin no longer have automatic control over humanity. If we trust in Him, we will experience the same triumph!


  • Our walk with the Lord was not meant to be an initial ‘hello, now let me get back to my life, thank you very much’. Rather it is a daily walk of relationship with Him!
  • You and I were plants that He has been growing from seeds, to young plants to growing plants, to well established plants. Cooperate with the gardener! Don’t give Him the ‘stiff-arm’.
  • Don’t be led astray by weeds growing next to you in the garden! Stick with Jesus. He is who He said He was!
  • He really, really is in charge, and has it all under control. He has all the power!
  • When you received Him, He changed your heart and made it an acceptable place and the Holy Spirit now dwells inside you! You are dead, He is alive in you.
  • He wiped your slate clean. With Jesus in your life, you are completely acceptable to the Lord!
  • Through the cross, burial and resurrection, He triumphed over the forces of darkness that held mankind in bondage to sin and death! He is the victor!


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