Colossians 3: 1 – 11…Put This__Aside..Put This__On Instead!

I encourage you to grab your Bible and read along with me as I go through these verses..


Verse 1 –

If you have been Raised (from mortal death to new life), keep seeking, above (things that relate to the Lord and His ways)

Thank God there is no ‘if’ about it. For us it is ‘since’ and not ‘if’!

Keep Seeking – Don’t stop, don’t do it just once and hope that will be enough. Do it each and every day. Make it your focus!

Verse 2 –

Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.

How do I do set my mind on things above? What’s your focus? What do you dwell on? Be intent. Be intentional! Work on memorizing scripture verses that help you Focus on the Lord and His care for us!

Verse 3 –

You Have Died, Your life (full abundant, meaningful radiant life) is hidden with Christ in God,

You have taken yourself out of the ‘me’ and the ‘I’m chasing e the world’ race. You are now in the ‘run hard after Jesus’ race.

Verse 4 –

When Christ who is our life is revealed, you will be revealed with Him in glory (His kingly, glorious, radiant, majestic presence where we shall enter into that radiant blessedness with Him in His very presence)!

We need to make our ongoing primary focus on the wonderful reality of heaven and eternal things! Our lives are no longer just driven by the cravings and tyranny of our flesh. Plus we now get our marching orders from Jesus and not from the world. This is a present reality for us, not just a future hope.

Listen to verses 1 – 4 in the (JB Phillips) translation “If you are then “risen” with Christ, reach out for the highest gifts of Heaven, where your master reigns in power. Give your heart to the heavenly things, not to the passing things of earth. For, as far as this world is concerned, you are already dead, and your true life is a hidden one in Christ. One day, Christ, the “secret centre” of our lives, will show himself openly, and you will all share in that magnificent d?nouement.”

Verse 5 –

Consider the members of your body as dead to sin

The Amplified translation says ‘Deprive them of power – those animal impulses inside you’

My mouth, eyes, ears, hands, feet, brain, imaginations, attitudes, thoughts, things seen and unseen (mind, will & emotions) – ‘Be Careful little ___ what you _____ for the Father up above is looking down in love.

Verse 6 –

The Wrath of God (His angry, just punishment) will come on the sons of disobedience (those who are obstinately opposed to God and set on doing their own thing, their own way, and will not relent even on their death beds.) –

About the wrath of God – It’s not your job to show it.  You are not John the Baptist, Jeremiah or Isaiah. You and I are recipients of God’s grace. And you and I need to show grace to others. It is not our job to show wrath, it’s His at His perfect time, by Him.

Listen to verses 5 – 7 in the (JB Phillips) translation “In so far, then, as you have to live upon this earth, consider yourselves dead to worldly contacts: have nothing to do with sexual immorality, dirty-mindedness, uncontrolled passion, evil desire, and the lust for other people’s goods, which last, remember, is as serious a sin as idolatry. It is because of these very things that the holy anger of God falls upon those who refuse to obey him. And never forget that you had your part in those dreadful things when you lived that old life.”

Verse 8 –

Put them all aside (lay them down, take them off like dirty clothes), Put them in the rubbish pile, throw them out! That’s the old you.

Sounds a lot like Romans 6: 11 – 13 – (Putting aside, considering yourself dead to sin)

Verse 9 –

You laid aside the Old Self – Who wants to wear a bunch of dirty, old, smelly soiled clothes around? Have you been out cutting the yard or working in the garden and come inside sweaty and dirty? Just imagine wearing those clothes for days and not changing or bathing.

Verse 10 –

Put on (be clothed and arrayed in) the New Self (with new strength, vigor and perspective) renewed (transformed by the Holy Spirit into the image of Christ).

He has put you in the shower, scrubbed you clean, put new clothes on you, changed you and now you get to walk daily in that new man!

So Paul gives us some guidelines for proper conduct (stating both the negative and the positive about the kind of life the Lord wants us to live).

Verse 11 –

Renewal, no distinction, Christ is all and in all (Jesus has redeemed some people from every nation, tongue and tribe from across the face of the earth)

A ‘barbarian’ in the Roman Empire did not speak Greek and was despised. A ‘Scythian’ was a person who came from the Black Sea area (like the Russians). The point here was that there was ‘equal acceptance’ of all of these groups of people into God’s family. He is no respecter of persons!

Listen to verses 8 – 11 in the (JB Phillips) translation “But now, put all these things behind you. No more evil temper or furious rage: no more evil thoughts or words about others, no more evil thoughts or words about God, and no more filthy conversation. Don’t tell each other lies any more, for you have finished with the old man and all he did and have begun life as the new man, who is out to learn what he ought to be, according to the plan of God. In this new man of God’s design there is no distinction between Greek and Hebrew, Jew or Gentile, foreigner or savage, slave or free man. Christ is all that matters for Christ lives in them all.”


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