Fireworks at Newbegun Landing…

So there we were, all 7 of us showing up at Newbegun Landing, a housing subdivision south of Elizabeth City, North Carolina just in time for the fireworks.

We parked, set up our lawn chairs in a perfect viewing spot, just outside the marked off fireworks area. We were only 100 yards from where the fireworks were shot off. Hundreds and hundreds of people were there, just like us, cars parked, chairs out, talking, spraying mosquito repellant, enjoying each others company.

The Pasquotank River to our left side, the blimp hanger to our right, the viewing area directly in front of us. At the appointed time the show started. There were fireworks colors of all varieties, sparkles, fizzies, pin wheels, booms, large colorful lights, smallish lights, and streamers. I leaned my seat back  and enjoyed the excellent view. What a fantastic show! Our car load of 7 was very satisfied with the show we had just seen…Enjoy these photos!





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