Saturday Night Musings on Rain and Such Things..

Ocean thoughts…

There I was out in the ocean, the beach in sight, riding the waves, paddling. The rain came down all around me. It continued for at least half an hour. I kept my wits about me. There was no sense running to the shore to get out of the rain, as I was already wet from swimming.

And then I put my feet to the sandy bottom and stood in the four and a half feet water. All was well, the water was warm and pleasant. I would ride it out. And then a short while later the rain stopped, the clouds moved off and the sun gradually made its reappearance. Sunbathers returned, swimmers joined me in the water, the children resumed digging their sand castles and moats. The rhythms of a day at the beach resumed.


The race was on…

I was out on a late afternoon bicycle ride. As I pedaled north and east the dark gray clouds ominously lined the sky. I was sure that I would get rained on at any moment, but wasn’t.  I went north, they went northwest. I went east, they came towards me. Again I was sure I would get rained on, but wasn’t. I turned west, they kept coming, at a distance, and yet their gray wall moving slowly steadily my way. I made it home without getting wet, wondering who would get there first, me or they. I beat them.

And then after about a half an hour, the thunder got closer, the lightning began, the wind picked up and then the torrents of rain fell. They came in sheets and waves. Lightning directly over head or nearly so. One storm would pass off only to be followed up by another. By 10 p.m. there were almost 3 inches of rain in the gauge. The garden and the yard should look nice and green after all of this. For now all is quiet…

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