Rascals Hiding In The Trashcan

I happened into a fast food establishment on Thursday afternoon and there was quite a stir among the employees gathered in the lobby of the store. It seems that a couple of young rascals had been hiding in the trashcan outside the side door of the restaurant since 6 a.m., munching away. The dilemma was that they were stuck and now could not get out of the trashcan.

It seems that the restaurant management called the animal control officer who came to the rescue with her special long armed reaching gadgets. She fished the rascals out of the trashcan, one by one. They looked scared and not too happy about what was happening to them. The animal control officer put each of them into a kennel so they could be taken somewhere far away from this restaurant.

You never know what you might run into on your trip to grab a fast food lunch. I think the story had a good ending. Here are a couple of photos. 🙂




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