Birthday For My Daughter

The other day we celebrated my daughter, Kim’s birthday. While we were at their home it probably rained over 1 inch (it was absolutely pouring). The rain however did not dampen our spirits as we spent time together. Total rainfall that day at our house was 4 inches – yikes!

In addition to the photos of my oldest daughter are other photos that I will comment on as they unfold below this text. Enjoy!

Kim and her daughter..

Kim, her 2 children and our niece. (3 out of 5 of our grandkids)

Kathy and Kim..

Kim, Becca and Sara – my 3 wonderful daughters!

Becca, Brandon and ‘the boys’…

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One Response to Birthday For My Daughter

  1. Donna says:

    Well, all I can say is, you Bowdens sure are blossoming!

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