Elizabeth City Christmas Parade – 2012

My daughter and I stood along the main road and watched as the marching bands, trucks pulling floats, trucks, cars and a whole variety of other items passed in review for the annual Elizabeth City Christmas parade.

The outdoor temperature was pleasant and we enjoyed watching all of the festivities. Here are some photos taken on my cell phone of what passed by.

cfa 01


cfa 02


horse and carriage 01

Horse carriage

hummer 01


mustang 01

Every parade needs a Mustang!

santa 01

Santa Claus made his grand debut on an antique fire truck.

tractor 02

Tractor #1

tractor 03

Tractor #2

unicycle 01

Unicycle rider playing a trumpet and spinning a rope lassoe at the same time!

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2 Responses to Elizabeth City Christmas Parade – 2012

  1. bowdenblog says:

    so funny that they had tractors in the parade. I guess that’s fitting for Camden!

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