Inside of US Capitol Building Dome – Frescoes Around Upper Dome

These frescoes portray stories in early American history and are beneath the paintings on the top portion of the dome. Enjoy, and see if you can figure out what historical events they portray…

ceiling fresco 01

ceiling fresco 02

ceiling fresco 03

ceiling fresco 04

ceiling fresco 05

ceiling fresco 06

ceiling fresco 07

ceiling fresco 08

ceiling fresco 09

ceiling fresco 10

ceiling fresco 11

ceiling fresco 12

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2 Responses to Inside of US Capitol Building Dome – Frescoes Around Upper Dome

  1. Donna says:

    Karl, are these paintings or carvings? They look like carvings or sculptures, but I wasn’t sure. Also, did your mother-in-law have surgery yet?

    • frogsview says:

      HI Donna,

      This is called the Frieze of American History, a painted fresco around the dome.
      My MIL had successful surgery and will be released from hospital to ortho rehab in the next day or so..

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