Snow – It Falls – It Comes Down However It Wants To :-)

Many years ago I worked in one of the tallest buildings in Des Moines, Iowa, for a company that was in the health insurance industry. We had lots of snow in Des Moines through out the long winter there. There were several other tall buildings near ours and the snow sometimes did some funny things. Sometimes it came down sideways, sometimes the wind blew it from the ground up several stories so that it looked like it was happening that way. So you see, it really does fall, and rise and come from the left and right.

And then there are the wise cracks you sometimes get. Person one’s comment – ‘It sure is coming down.’ Person two’s wise crack ‘I’d be worried if it was going up.’ Ha ha indeed.

In northeastern North Carolina when we have a snowfall it is an epic event. Normally the winters here seem to be rainy and in the 40s.

The snow started falling this evening, shortly after dark. For a while, the flakes were small. Then they became very large. I was able to grab some photos of those large rascals. Twas a pretty sight. Now the flakes are small and wet again.

Enjoy the shots of those clumpy big flakes I got shots of.

snow 01

snow 02

snow 03

snow 04

snow 05


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2 Responses to Snow – It Falls – It Comes Down However It Wants To :-)

  1. bowdenblog says:

    Wow, one of those flakes even looks like a bird feeder

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