Roanoke Valley Rocks (Painted Fish Statues)

I went on a little hunt with my camera this afternoon around Roanoke Rapids, Weldon and Halifax County, North Carolina. I was in search of painted statues of rockfish. I found a bunch. Each one shows something of the personality of the business that it stands in front of. Enjoy the photos. See if you can guess what they represent. BTW, the local visitor’s bureau calls these the Roanoke Valley Rocks..

rr fish 01

rr fish 02

rr fish 03

rr fish 04

rr fish 05

rr fish 06

rr fish 07

rr fish 08

rr fish 09

rr fish 10

rr fish 11

rr fish 12

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3 Responses to Roanoke Valley Rocks (Painted Fish Statues)

  1. Irma morrone says:

    Where and how can I buy them

  2. frogsview says:

    Here is a link to the local visitor’s center. Perhaps they can help with that info..

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