Ducks Dropped In For a Bit

This morning I went out my garage door and walked up my driveway to  take a piece of mail out to the mail box. As I looked to the left there were Mr. and Mrs. Mallard Duck waddling along, snacking on whatever goodies they might find in my yard.

I went back in the house, grabbed my camera, went out and got some shots of these guys making their way along. They did not seem scared of me and I was careful not to make any sudden movements that might frighten them away. Here are the shots. Enjoy! A fun, unexpected visit.

mallards 02

mallards 03

mallards 04

mallards 05

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2 Responses to Ducks Dropped In For a Bit

  1. Leia says:

    Do you think this cute couple might be moving in? The paired/mated ducks up here have already started nesting.

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