You Never Know…

blimp 01

blimp 02

You Never Know…

·        What you’ll see…It could be a blimp.

·        Who you’ll bump into…It could be your best friend in your favorite store.

·        What will happen next?…But it could be a big surprise!

·        What’s around the next bend?…Being flexible is a good thing.

Isn’t life like that?

·        We try to plan ahead, we certainly can be prepared.

·        We live one day at a time, we can’t relive yesterday and we hope to get to tomorrow, but really all we have for sure is right now, today!

·       Surprises – some of us like them, others can’t stand them. A blimp could surprise you as you drive into or out of town on a normal, often traveled route. Today was my day!

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