Greek Festival – Norfolk, Virginia

This afternoon we drove from Elizabeth City, NC up to Norfolk VA to attend the annual Greek Festival, sponsored by Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral.  Because the event is so well attended, we had to park several blocks away and walk to the event. The church pitches a huge tent in the yard next to the church building.

We stood in the food line for 35 minutes, along with a whole bunch of other people.  Once finally in the line, with cafeteria tray in hand, I had the misfortune of finding out that the two dishes that I like the most were sold out. So I did some quick thinking and had a chicken dish, Greek salad, spanakopita, baklava and a soft drink.

It was all very tasty and we had a seat that positioned us front and center by the stage where Greek dancing was done by children and youth in full traditional costume.  The kids did a great job. Most of the music was from a CD or some other electronic device. We sat and enjoyed watching the dancing for over an hour and a half. So I got my annual Greek fix. After living there for a year back in high school I love everything Greek. Opa!



greek phrases

orange dresses dancing

yellow scarves dancing_edited-1

old man and dancers_edited-1

older teens dancing_edited-1

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4 Responses to Greek Festival – Norfolk, Virginia

  1. Leia says:

    Yummm, There is a restaurant in the desert called the Mad Greek that was worth a one and a half hour drive to get to. But, it didn’t have dancers or any of the ambience. THIS looks like it was fun. Thanks for sharing the day.

  2. kathryn says:

    of course, the dancing looks very similar to Turkish dancing. they kinda/sorta are related to each other!

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