Swansboro, North Carolina

I stopped in Swansboro yesterday afternoon, parked on a side street and walked all around the historic waterfront district. There were several shops and several restaurants. I ended up eating a delicious softshell crab sandwich at Nicky’s Restaurant. Food and service were great. Being a holiday weekend and a beautiful afternoon, there were lots of people, like me, browsing the shops. Enjoy these photos and check out the town yourself sometime!

swans 01

swans 02

swans 03

swans 04

swans 09

swans 05

swans 06

swans 07

swans 08

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2 Responses to Swansboro, North Carolina

  1. mike gothard says:

    Good morning, Karl. I was in Swansboro just yesterday while geocaching. Though I was unable to find the cache I was looking for while there, I did decide that I would need to make a trip back soon to explore the downtown streets and shops. Seemed like a lovely little town. It’s about 40 minutes from where I live.

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