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Views From and of The Train & Street Cars Near Kitzingen and Wurzburg, Germany

I took the train the other day from Munich to Nurnberg, Germany. Then I hopped on another train from there to Wurzburg.  The trains were punctual in leaving the stations on time and I was able to catch my connecting … Continue reading

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Tunnels and Gates of Marienberg Fortress – Wurzburg, Germany

As I walked around the Marienberg Fortress in Wurzburg, Germany I passed through several gates and tunnels. They were old, sturdy, and I was fascinated by the way they were built. Enjoy!

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Wurzburg, Germany – Scenic River and Panorama Views

I took a train to my birthplace, Wurzburg, Germany and spent the day sightseeing.  The Main River, Views from the Marienberg Fortress of the city. Lots of great views. Enjoy!

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Gondola Ride Through Venice, Italy

We splurged and piled into a gondola in the late afternoon for the ride of our lives through the canals of Venice.  We started our 45 minute journey at a gondola stop on the grand canal and then went on … Continue reading

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Venice, Italy – Lots of Photos

Here are more shots of our first day in Venice. Lots of variety,  shopping, waterfront, family, St. Mark’s Piaza, narrow streets, and more! Enjoy!

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Venice, Italy – Canal and Boat Views

We walked all over Venice on this sunny, warm summer day. The streets were filled with other tourists like ourselves. There are two ways to get around town, on foot down the many little walkways and streets or by boat … Continue reading

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Rooftop Views – Munich, Germany Panorama

We walked up 13 flights of stairs in the bell tower-steeple of a church in Munich and we had a spectacular view from the top of the city. The first shot is of the tower (our observation deck). The sights … Continue reading

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