Sidewalk Hawg

I was walking down the sidewalk of Washington, North Carolina one day a couple of weeks ago when there before me stood a sidewalk hawg.

He was put together real nice. He had kind of a metalic look about him. Why, he even had washers for a nose and a curly tail formed from some other metal. His pig’s feet were well balanced on platforms, fitted with custom wheels, that looked like they had ball bearings.

I looked a little closer and lo and behold he had bolts and nuts for eyes, a pad lock held his left side together.

He also had a chain across his back and plates of armor on his sides. I guess they protected his soft under belly.

He didn’t seem to be in a hurry to run off anywhere and I noticed that he did not smell like his cousins who have the habit of wallowing in the mud.

He stood still and watched the walkers go by. Why I suppose that he stood there ’til 5 o’clock or so. Then I guess that he was taken inside, where he stood in a corner and waited until the next business day rolled around. He would resume his prominent sidewalk pose at that time. Oh and I just happen to have a picture of said fair hawg. Enjoy!

sidewalk hawg

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