Rathaus and Glockenspiel – Munich, Germany

And so we meandered through the downtown streets and squares of Munich on a warm June day.

We got to the Rathaus (City Hall) a few minutes before 12 noon and after the chimes and bells rang twelve times, the life size characters came to life in the bell tower, dancing and moving about in their festive costumes for the next several minutes.

The location is also called Marienplatz, marked by the golden pillar. Plus we were serenaded by a gentleman who played the accordian and  sang. Enjoy the photos!

rathaus 01

rathaus 02

rathaus 03

rathaus 04

rathaus 05

rathaus 06

rathaus 07

rathaus 08

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2 Responses to Rathaus and Glockenspiel – Munich, Germany

  1. Rebecca says:

    Awww love the pics! So glad you all are enjoying yourselves!

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