Gondola Ride Through Venice, Italy

We splurged and piled into a gondola in the late afternoon for the ride of our lives through the canals of Venice.  We started our 45 minute journey at a gondola stop on the grand canal and then went on a delightful trip on quieter canals through the city.

Here are photos of the entire gondola ride – start to finish! Enjoy! It was a memorable trip that I think we all admitted was on our ‘bucket list’.

gondola 01

gondola 02

gondola 03

gondola 04gondola 05gondola 06

gondola 07

gondola 08

gondola 09

gondola 10

gondola 11

gondola 12

gondola 14

gondola 15

gondola 17

gondola 18

gondola 20

gondola 21

gondola 23gondola 24

gondola 25

gondola 26

gondola 28

gondola 29

gondola 30

gondola 31

gondola 32

gondola 33

gondola 35

gondola 37

gondola 38

gondola 39

gondola 40

gondola 41

gondola 42

gondola 43

gondola 44

gondola 45

gondola 46

gondola 47

gondola 48gondola 49

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One Response to Gondola Ride Through Venice, Italy

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. Beautiful. Im soooo jealous though! That has been on my bucket list forever and I fear it is something i will never check off! But glad you could enjoy the beautiful experience!

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