Views From and of The Train & Street Cars Near Kitzingen and Wurzburg, Germany

I took the train the other day from Munich to Nurnberg, Germany. Then I hopped on another train from there to Wurzburg.  The trains were punctual in leaving the stations on time and I was able to catch my connecting train without a problem. The trains were clean and comfortable, some were newer and others older. After departing each major station a conductor checked and punched the tickets of each passenger. Then a little while later a train staff person came through the cars selling beverages and snacks. Oh and lots of people rode the trains.  It was a pleasant experience, and I got alot of reading done.

Here are views I had from the train of the countryside near Kitzingen (12 miles from Wurzburg). This is the town that my parents lived in when I was born in Wurzburg, way back when.

Also I have shots of the trains and the tracks near the station in Wurzburg, plus street cars in Wurzburg. Enjoy!

train 01

train 02

train 03

train 04

train 05

train 06

train 13

train 14

train 15

train 16

train 17

train 18

train 19

kitzingen 01

train 07

train 10

train 11

train 09

train 12

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3 Responses to Views From and of The Train & Street Cars Near Kitzingen and Wurzburg, Germany

  1. Leia says:

    LOVED this set….of course. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the photos. And that street car is so slim!

  2. bbg says:

    Thank you for your posting. I dream of one day visit Germany, specifically Würzburg, thanks to you I had a taste of what it could be. I hope you post more things about it. 🙂

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