Berchtesgaden, Germany – National Park, Konigssee (King’s Lake)

We drove from Munich southeast to the little mountain town of Berchtesgaden, Germany. It was beautiful! From there we drove a few more miles to the King’s Lake (Konigss)ee in German.

We and about 30 other people took an electric powered boat across the lake to a stop at the church of Saint Bartholomew.  The snow capped mountain behind the church is called Watzmann. It is the 3rd tallest peak in Germany (2700 meters – 8900 feet).

Before we got to the church however, the boat stopped, shut off its motor,  the boat pilot pulled out a trumpet, played a slow, deliberate tune,  and demonstrated the amazing echo.  The melodious song coupled with the echo were incredible to hear.

Another note: The building at the top of the mountain is the Eagle’s Nest (Hitler’s hideout, retreat and place to entertain dignitaries).

In a future blogpost I will attach a copy of the video I took of that. Plus in a following post I will show photos of another lake near Konigsee, called Obersee (Upper Lake). Enjoy these shots!

king 01

king 02

king 03

king 04

king 05

king 06

king 07

king 08

king 09

king 10

king 11

king 12

king 13

king 14

king 15

king 16

king 17

king 18

king 19

king 20

king 21

king 23king 22

king 24

king 25

king 26

king 27

king 28

king 29

king 30

king 32

king 33

king 34

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2 Responses to Berchtesgaden, Germany – National Park, Konigssee (King’s Lake)

  1. Leia says:

    WOW!! Beautiful!

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