Munich, Germany – Nymphenburg Palace (Outside)

We spent a delightful weekend day going through the Nymphenburg Palace, the summer palace of the Bavarian royalty.  Enjoy the shots!

palace 01

palace 02

palace 03

palace 04

palace 05

palace 06

palace 07

palace 08

palace 09

palace 10

palace 11

palace 12

palace 13

palace 14

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One Response to Munich, Germany – Nymphenburg Palace (Outside)

  1. The world-famous Nymphenburg porcelain manufactory, which takes pride in its long tradition since it was built in 1747, has become part of the praguekabinet portfolio. This ‘royal’ porcelain manufactory, in the strict sense of the word, was set up by the Wittelsbach family at the request of Elector of Bavaria Maximilian III Josef. As in the past it still handcrafts at the the Nördliches Schlossrondell its ‘white gold’. Here the masters still mix the porcelain paste, creating a unique colour scale and hand-painting without a template. Whether they are ancient motifs or works by leading present-day designers, the fragility and uniqueness of the objects produced by the Nymphenburg porcelain manufactory are certain to hold an enduring appeal.

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