65 Miles on the Bicycle Today

And so I had a wild hair idea. I got my 2 water bottles filled with Gatorade, had my energy bar, some cash for lunch, and a bag of peanuts for some energy food.

I set off from my house on a bicycle ride. I arrived home approximately 6 hours later, after riding 65 miles and going from Camden, North Carolina to Chesapeake, Virginia and back.

For starters, I rode on familiar roads and routes, ones that I ride on all the time. I also rode on unfamiliar roads. Plus I rode in the bicycle lane of a busy US highway. And to top it off, I rode on bicycle trails along the Dismal Swamp Canal in both North Carolina and Virginia. I finally stopped for lunch way past my normal lunch time and ate some fried chicken, fried onion rings and cole slaw. Lots of Gatorade and canned iced tea kept me well hydrated along the way as well!

my bike

chesapeake sign

north carolina sign

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2 Responses to 65 Miles on the Bicycle Today

  1. bowdenblog says:

    pretty incredible! Way to go dad!

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