US Coast Guard Aviation Survival Technician (AST) Graduation

I had the privilege this morning of attending the graduation for AST (Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer) training. There were 7 graduates. One of them has attended our church during the time that he has been in the Elizabeth City area for training. There are also several other fine young men who are part of the training and who also are attending our church. I and others have been praying for them on a daily basis for strength, endurance, focus, wisdom, and peace, not to mention a really good sleep after an exhausting day of training.  Here are some photos of the training facility, pool area where they train.

After today’s graduation the current class and instructors did a demonstration  – rescuing a victim in distress, in the pool(s).  The class also did several drills in the pool under the oversight of several of the instructors. These students and instructors have my utmost respect. They are doing a great job!

pool 01

pool 02

pool 03


Here is a link to a Coast Guard website that provides more information about the AST training:


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