October – Quite a month!!

It has been a while since I did a blog post. It has just plain been a busy month! I bet you know what those are like. The days have been filled with lots of good things. Here are some of the things that have been fun and made it a great month…

power washing

Power washing the final panel of vinyl siding on the house. Since we live in a warm, humid place there is lots of mildew throughout the year. Throughout the warm months I  regularly spray panels on the house to clean them up!

yellow pepper

jalapeno peppersMy vegetable garden has been very productive this year. I have picked numerous red, yellow, green and jalepeno peppers. Usually I get one pepper in the morning to put in an omelet and one for a salad at lunch. Love it!

bike cyclometer and light

bike tireAnd then there have been the awesome bicycle rides that I have taken – usually 2 or 3 per week after work. With the days shortening, I have been averaging rides that have been 18 – 20 miles long, given the 1 1/2 hours I have in the early evening before the sunset.

And let me also mention that the month has been filled with family times and fun with friends. We welcomed our daughter home from college for fall break. Plus we welcomed our 6th grandchild into the family this month! What wonderful gifts each of our children and grandchildren are!

And so there is October, and oh by the way, there was lots of work, a quick trip to Charlottesville, Virginia for a  work meeting, and lots of other good things each and every day!


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