Frog and Toad – part 2

Said the toad one evening. I will hang out by the door to the garage at this fair house, and will hop with great speed so as to get inside the door before the human discovers me or shuts the door. I will jump behind the nearest large piece of something so as not to be seen, and I will hide out in this nice warm garage from now until April. But alas a problem occurred. The door opened, in jumped the toad, seen by the human. The human promptly spoiled all the plans and scooped up said toad and laid him out in the grassy yard.

toad at nite

And then there was this green tree frog, peeping Tom at that, who happened to be attached to the outside of my kitchen window one night. The light at the kitchen table was sufficient to draw succulent frog food choices to the window. Mister Frog simply was patient, positioned himself in a strategic place and with lightening speed, out came his tongue and grabbed whatever bug happened to be passing by. So it was a busy frog and toad evening for very sure!

frog 01


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