Autumn Bicycle Ride in the Swamp…

In addition to the corn, soy bean and cotton fields that had been harvested I saw some pretty fall colors as I pedaled my bicycle on a longer Saturday afternoon ride. Thankfully I also avoided the mosquitoes as I did my 37 mile loop!

It is now hunting season in these parts and I also wore my blaze orange vest as I rode, so that I would not be shot at by an overly zealous hunter looking to get a big buck that afternoon. It was good that I had it on as I rode past ten or so pickup trucks where hunters milled about as they waited and watched to see if their dogs would corner a deer.

Anyhow enjoy these photos of some of the colorful leaves I saw!

autumn 02

autumn 04

autumn 05

autumn 03

autumn 07

autumn 01


autumn 06

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4 Responses to Autumn Bicycle Ride in the Swamp…

  1. Leia says:

    Nice set and congrats on the ride. Is that poison ivy in the last photo?

  2. Steve Tisdale says:


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