56 Mile Bicycle Ride – Camden to Hertford, NC and Back

And so I put on my Under Armor bicycle clothing (for the cold), my blaze orange vest (so I would be seen by the hunters), had 2 bottles filled with Gatorade and was off on a bicycle ride. I rode from Camden into Elizabeth City, along the beautiful Pasquotank River. I made my way down city streets, and then out of town on 2 lane roads that quickly went from a suburban setting to a rural, agricultural setting. On my trek, I rode through Pasquotank and Perquimans counties to the town of Hertford. I’m going to share photos with you of some of the sights I enjoyed along the ride.

Here are some photos of the horses I saw:

horses 01

horses 02

And there was cotton harvesting equipment that had been busy this last week:

cotton 03

cotton 02

cotton 01

I also found a committee of vultures meeting in a field, and performing formation flying…

vultures 02

vultures 01

vultures 03

And there were some ponies grazing in a field..

ponies 02

ponies 03

ponies 01

I also caught an elusive and timid gray heron with my telephoto lense.

heron 01

heron 02

And there were LOTS of soybeans in the fields, most of which were ready to be picked (like these).

soybeans 01


soybeans 02

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2 Responses to 56 Mile Bicycle Ride – Camden to Hertford, NC and Back

  1. Steve Tisdale says:

    Great pictures!

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