Kitesurfing At The Outer Banks, North Carolina

I was out surf fishing on the beach at the Outer Banks today, trying to catch a red drum. I had the right bait, right spot, right tackle, but alas the fish were not biting. As I sat in my beach chair shivering and keeping watch on my lines, two folks came up from behind me and laid out their huge crescent shaped kites on the beach. When they were ready, they got the first kite airborne, and the first kitesurfer got all of his gear ready for launch.

The wind was blowing out of the northeast, which is typical, and the kitesurfer moved towards the surf, holding on to the cables attached to his kite, and then moved into the ocean. After he was in the water and moving, the other kitesurfer moved from the beach into the surf as well. They both launched within minutes of each other and were off on their adventure. They moved down the beach to the south and within 15 minutes they were out of sight to the south.  Here are photos of them launching and being carried to the south by the strong wind. Who says that you can only enjoy the beach in the summer time? How about in 15 knot winds and 45 degree temperatures?  Enjoy the photo sequence!

kitesurfing 01

kitesurfing 02

kitesurfing 03

kitesurfing 04

kitesurfing 05

kitesurfing 06

kitesurfing 07

kitesurfing 08

kitesurfing 09

kitesurfing 10

kitesurfing 11

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2 Responses to Kitesurfing At The Outer Banks, North Carolina

  1. Steve Tisdale says:

    Nice pictures! I can almost smell the salt air and feel the wind blowing!

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