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Candle Light Vigil at Camden County, NC High School

Two young men from our county died tragically in a car crash last Saturday night. They were on the high school football team, the Bruins. Tonight I and probably 500 – 1000 people were at a candle light vigil on … Continue reading

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Pigskin Problems…

Today in the NFL world, my teams have taken a beating. One got beat this afternoon (Carolina Panthers beat Washington Redskins). The other team is currently getting beat (New Orleans is beating Indy). Ugh. When you throw interceptions or fumble … Continue reading

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Colts Fan Saying Now What??

This Colts fan is still licking his wounds after the loss to the New York Jets on Saturday. So which team will I decide to root for now? It won’t be New England, that is a fact.  It could be … Continue reading

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