56 Mile Bicycle Ride – Camden to Hertford, NC and Back

And so I put on my Under Armor bicycle clothing (for the cold), my blaze orange vest (so I would be seen by the hunters), had 2 bottles filled with Gatorade and was off on a bicycle ride. I rode from Camden into Elizabeth City, along the beautiful Pasquotank River. I made my way down city streets, and then out of town on 2 lane roads that quickly went from a suburban setting to a rural, agricultural setting. On my trek, I rode through Pasquotank and Perquimans counties to the town of Hertford. I’m going to share photos with you of some of the sights I enjoyed along the ride.

Here are some photos of the horses I saw:

horses 01

horses 02

And there was cotton harvesting equipment that had been busy this last week:

cotton 03

cotton 02

cotton 01

I also found a committee of vultures meeting in a field, and performing formation flying…

vultures 02

vultures 01

vultures 03

And there were some ponies grazing in a field..

ponies 02

ponies 03

ponies 01

I also caught an elusive and timid gray heron with my telephoto lense.

heron 01

heron 02

And there were LOTS of soybeans in the fields, most of which were ready to be picked (like these).

soybeans 01


soybeans 02

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Autumn Bicycle Ride in the Swamp…

In addition to the corn, soy bean and cotton fields that had been harvested I saw some pretty fall colors as I pedaled my bicycle on a longer Saturday afternoon ride. Thankfully I also avoided the mosquitoes as I did my 37 mile loop!

It is now hunting season in these parts and I also wore my blaze orange vest as I rode, so that I would not be shot at by an overly zealous hunter looking to get a big buck that afternoon. It was good that I had it on as I rode past ten or so pickup trucks where hunters milled about as they waited and watched to see if their dogs would corner a deer.

Anyhow enjoy these photos of some of the colorful leaves I saw!

autumn 02

autumn 04

autumn 05

autumn 03

autumn 07

autumn 01


autumn 06

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Frog and Toad – part 2

Said the toad one evening. I will hang out by the door to the garage at this fair house, and will hop with great speed so as to get inside the door before the human discovers me or shuts the door. I will jump behind the nearest large piece of something so as not to be seen, and I will hide out in this nice warm garage from now until April. But alas a problem occurred. The door opened, in jumped the toad, seen by the human. The human promptly spoiled all the plans and scooped up said toad and laid him out in the grassy yard.

toad at nite

And then there was this green tree frog, peeping Tom at that, who happened to be attached to the outside of my kitchen window one night. The light at the kitchen table was sufficient to draw succulent frog food choices to the window. Mister Frog simply was patient, positioned himself in a strategic place and with lightening speed, out came his tongue and grabbed whatever bug happened to be passing by. So it was a busy frog and toad evening for very sure!

frog 01


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October – Quite a month!!

It has been a while since I did a blog post. It has just plain been a busy month! I bet you know what those are like. The days have been filled with lots of good things. Here are some of the things that have been fun and made it a great month…

power washing

Power washing the final panel of vinyl siding on the house. Since we live in a warm, humid place there is lots of mildew throughout the year. Throughout the warm months I  regularly spray panels on the house to clean them up!

yellow pepper

jalapeno peppersMy vegetable garden has been very productive this year. I have picked numerous red, yellow, green and jalepeno peppers. Usually I get one pepper in the morning to put in an omelet and one for a salad at lunch. Love it!

bike cyclometer and light

bike tireAnd then there have been the awesome bicycle rides that I have taken – usually 2 or 3 per week after work. With the days shortening, I have been averaging rides that have been 18 – 20 miles long, given the 1 1/2 hours I have in the early evening before the sunset.

And let me also mention that the month has been filled with family times and fun with friends. We welcomed our daughter home from college for fall break. Plus we welcomed our 6th grandchild into the family this month! What wonderful gifts each of our children and grandchildren are!

And so there is October, and oh by the way, there was lots of work, a quick trip to Charlottesville, Virginia for a  work meeting, and lots of other good things each and every day!


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96 Mile Bicycle Ride – Camden, NC to Edenton, NC and Back

And so I set out Saturday morning on a long bicycle ride. I had my water bottles filled with Gatorade, had my energy bars, some cash for beverages and lunch, pumped up tires, and all that was needed for a successful ride!

I set out from my home in Camden, NC and rode into and through Elizabeth City. I stayed on the back roads as much as possible as I made my way out of town and to the south/southwest across Pasquotank County. After miles of agricultural fields filled with soy beans, cotton and harvested corn, I made my way into Perquimans County.

The scenery was about the same as I rode to Hertford. I kept to the back roads and eventually pedaled across the ‘S’ bridge into the town of Hertford.

Then I continued on and pedaled on into Chowan County and eventually got to Edenton. There were a few showers but I kept on pedaling, with a tailwind helping me. Into the historic town I rode, turning onto the Main Street. I found a nice restaurant, the 309 Bistro and Spirits, and enjoyed a ‘Cuban Reuben’ sandwich. My bicycle odometer read 48 miles when I stopped.

Then I mounted up and started back home. Unfortunately this time I had a headwind all the way home (probably 15 – 20 mph), which slowed me down quite a bit. I kept pedaling, and periodically stopping for a short break.

Finally I made it through Elizabeth City and back to Camden. It never felt so good to get home and off the bicycle. I pedaled 96 miles that day. It was quite a workout, but it was a confidence builder to make it the whole way. I slept well that night! Here are some photos of sights I saw as I pedaled to Edenton and back.

hertford - missing mill park

hertford 5 and dime


edenton sign

edenton - barker house

edenton - historic house - water front


newbold-white house

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78 Mile Bicycle Ride – North Carolina to Virginia and Back

And so today I set out on another mega bicycle ride. I rode from my house up familiar roads to near Moyock, North Carolina and into Chesapeake, Virginia then to southern Virginia Beach. I cut through the southern Virginia Beach countryside on several roads, ultimately ending up on Princess Ann Road. I followed it south all the way back into North Carolina and to the Knotts Island, Currituck Sound Ferry port.

I reached the ferry port at mile 56 on my ride. After a pleasant (and free) 45 minute ride on the ferry across the Sound, I pedaled another 22 miles through the North Carolina coastal countryside and back home.

Here are photos of some of the scenery and places that I saw as I rode. It was a beautiful day and a good time was had by this now tired bicycle rider.

va beach

pungo 01

nc welcome sign

mackay island

knotts island 01


ferry 01

ferry 02



ferry 03

ferry 04


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US Coast Guard Aviation Survival Technician (AST) Graduation

I had the privilege this morning of attending the graduation for AST (Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer) training. There were 7 graduates. One of them has attended our church during the time that he has been in the Elizabeth City area for training. There are also several other fine young men who are part of the training and who also are attending our church. I and others have been praying for them on a daily basis for strength, endurance, focus, wisdom, and peace, not to mention a really good sleep after an exhausting day of training.  Here are some photos of the training facility, pool area where they train.

After today’s graduation the current class and instructors did a demonstration  – rescuing a victim in distress, in the pool(s).  The class also did several drills in the pool under the oversight of several of the instructors. These students and instructors have my utmost respect. They are doing a great job!

pool 01

pool 02

pool 03


Here is a link to a Coast Guard website that provides more information about the AST training:  http://www.uscg.mil/hq/cg1/attc/training/ast.asp


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